Brixton Chamber Orchestra is a registered charity (1181169) -  a versatile group of instrumentalists which provides thrilling live orchestral experiences for wide-ranging audiences in Brixton and beyond.

We champion orchestral music, presenting it to new audiences in unexpected venues. We revel in innovative collaborations with all sorts of artists and genres - Grime to Gospel, Disco to Drum and Bass, Classical to Jazz, and everything inbetween. 

We appear all over Brixton - in the market, pubs, clubs, parks, churches & community centres. Sometimes we perform symphonies as a full 30-piece orchestra. Twice a year, we tour Lambeth's housing estates, performing eclectic programmes to hundreds from the local community.

We are Brixton's own orchestra - a product of local talent and the unique blend of creative energy and cultural diversity which characterises the area. 

For larger performances, we field a two-tier orchestra, with professionals and talented volunteers playing side-by-side.
Want to play with us?

We have four aims:

  • to reach new audiences with live orchestral music by presenting it in new ways and places;
  • to provide a performance and training platform for musicians from Brixton;
  • to innovate new orchestral experiences through diverse collaborations;
  • to embed in our community and be an orchestra of and for Brixton.

If you're a community group with a project proposal, we want to hear from you!
Similarly, if you want to book BCO for a private or public event, find out more about hiring the orchestra.